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Ferrari California 2012 - 73 368 KM

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Ferrari California 2012

£ 61 995 incl. VAT
45 589mi / 73 368
Automobile disponible à
Marque :
Modèle :
Version :
Convertible 2+2
Boîte de vitesse :
7-speed automated DCT gear with paddleshift
Puissance DIN :
332 KW (445 Ch)
Couleur :
Rosso Corsa
Matching Numbers :
Équipements :
Front and rear parking sensors - Sat nav - Heated and electrically adjustable Daytona seats - Dual-zone climate control - Yellow brake calipers - 20 inch wheels - Carbon pack on centre console and steering wheel
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Simon Duval Smith
expert chez Carsup

Singularité de l'exemplaire

- Excellent condition inside and outside

- Full service history  

- 2+2 seating

- Ventilated carbon-ceramic disc brakes all round

- Yellow painted brake calipers

- Ferrari Scuderia shields on front wings

- Low mileage – 45,589 miles (73,368 kilometres)

- New MOT (CT test) valid for 12 months

- Recent new rear tyres, front tyres excellent condition

- Drive: Right-Hand-Drive

This Ferrari California is a captivating Italian supercar, finished in the classic Ferrari red with Crema leather interior. It is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.3-litre V8, delivering 453 ps. It is Ferrari’s first front-engined V8, its first car with a folding hardtop and its first with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox with paddleshift. As a result, the car launches from 0-100km/h in only 3.8 seconds before reaching a top speed of 193 mph (311 km/h). Here we have a lovely California Spider with all the extras in the best colour combination, Rosso Corsa with Rosso-piped Crema leather. Extras include the fully electric Daytona-style leather seats, plus matching rear 2+2 seats with seat belts, and 20 inch rims rather than the stock 19 inch wheels. This California is in excellent all round condition and must be seen to be appreciated, with this low mileage it is very good value, and is available only due to the owner being given a new electric Porsche company car! Our Ferrari California was delivered new to the UK and first registered in 2012. The car is in excellent overall condition, thanks to a full service history at Ferrari main dealers, and with the last service carried out at a renowned Italian supercar specialist. All elements are in impeccable condition, both exterior and interior. Mechanically, our model is in perfect working order. Its 453 ps V-8 engine, combined with its 7-speed DCT automated manual gearbox, offers excellent feel and the beautiful original sound. Regular maintenance has been carried out on this model, which can be consulted thanks to a fully stamped service book and invoices. Its warranted mileage of 45,589 miles (73,368 kilometres) is justified by its service book and MOT (CT test) history. As an ‘entry level’ Ferrari convertible, the California is fabulous value, being as fast as a 430 coupe or Spider, due to its 7-speed DCT transmission, and with the added attraction of a folding metal roof.

Résumé historique du modèle

The California was launched at the October 2008 Paris Motor Show. When introduced, the California represented a new fourth model range for Ferrari. The new model range (front-engine, eight cylinder grand touring sports car) joined the then current models: the mid-engine eight cylinder sports car, the mid-engine twelve cylinder sports car, and the front-engine twelve-cylinder grand touring car.

Design : The California represented a radical new design by Pininfarina S.p.A. and was developed under the oversight of Ken Okuyama. The model was primarily intended to attract new Ferrari owners. The car's grand touring personality was emphasized with a slightly higher ride height compared to its more aggressive siblings. The chassis was designed and manufactured by Ferrari division Carrozzeria Scaglietti. Overall, it is considered a landmark car for Ferrari in that it represents a number of concepts being used for the first time in their road cars:

- The first front-engined Ferrari with a V8

- The first to feature a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission

- The first hard top convertible with a folding metal roof

- The first with multi-link rear suspension

- The first with direct petrol injection

Engine : The Ferrari-Maserati Type F136IB engine displaces 4,297 cubic centimetres (262.2 cubic inches), and used a gasoline direct injection system produced by Bosch. It generates a maximum power output of 338 kW (460 PS; 453 hp) at 7,750 rpm; its maximum torque produced is 485 N⋅m (358 lbf⋅ft) at 5,000 rpm. The resulting 79 kW (106 hp) per litre of engine displacement is extremely high for a naturally aspirated engine, as other manufacturers have used forced induction to reach similar power levels. The engine makes use of a wet sump designed lubrication system. The engine's sound – a feature that distinguishes every Ferrari – was engineered to enhance the vehicle's driving experience both with the top open and closed. The California's mid-front engine layout and rear gear box configuration create a 47% front to 53% rear weight distribution. To quote the original roadtest in EVO magazine: ( : “The star of the show, probably the single most impressive feature of the car, is its seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox. It comes into its own on full-throttle changes, shaving fractions of a second and giving big, lip-smacking pops on each upshift. The inevitable, unavoidable conclusion is that Ferrari’s F1 gearbox, best of all the automated manuals, is obsolete. The California’s in-gear times are strong too. The 4.3-litre, direct-injection V8 produces an impressive 453bhp, giving 105bhp per litre, but is tuned to deliver useful torque too. So while it revs to almost 8000rpm, it produces 358lb ft of torque, three-quarters of which is available from 2500rpm. And, with the help of seven ratios, it delivers a very consistent and punchy set of in-gear figures. It’s an engine that seems to get stronger as the revs rise, its note a clean, tight bark. Oddly, it seems just as loud with the roof up as down, and it’s a bit too noisy at times, drowning out the radio occasionally when you’re ambling. So, is the California a ‘real’ Ferrari? Anyone expecting a focused drivers’ car will find the California rather soft initially, but give it a chance, get some miles under your belt, and you’ll find it strikes an effective balance between GT comfort and sports-car directness. Roused, the performance of its V8 is solid and energetic, and the refined twin-clutch gearbox manages it brilliantly. Push and you’ll find a car that is friendly, poised and exploitable. On the other hand, stow the roof, relax, and you’ll find the chassis cosseting and the seven-speeder equally adept at loafing. Yet you’re never in doubt that you’re driving a Ferrari. It’s a credit to the team that created and developed it that the California manages to be GT and sports car in one, and in some style.”


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