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Chrysler Cordoba Coupe 1976 - 173 000 KM

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29 995£
173 000
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Modèle :
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Boîte de vitesse :
3-speed automatic gearbox
Puissance DIN :
150 KW (200 HP)
Couleur :
Matching Numbers :
Équipements :
Front power disc brakes, power steering, air suspension, Corinthian leather seats, heater, radio
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Duval Smith Simon
expert chez Carsup

Singularité de l'exemplaire

-         Bodywork and mechanics in excellent condition

-         Oneengineer owner for more than 40 years

-         Clothinterior with red Corinthian leather in prime condition

-         Mileageconfirmed by extensive history folder


Similarly to RicardoMontalban's personal Cordoba, which was customised by Chrysler designer BobMarcks, this Cordoba has had the vinyl roof and opera windows deleted, a customtwo-tone paint job, air suspension and custom wire wheels added. 

Owned by a mature engineer(he was 86 when he finished the last work on the car), the Cordoba has been verycarefully maintained and in addition, has had some very intelligent andhigh-quality improvements, including :

-         Removalof the vinyl roof

-         Plating-in,with steel, the opera windows to make for a sleeker profile

-         Removalof exterior trim embellishments

-         Highquality repaint in bronze and white whithhandpainted pinstripes

-         Installationof customized panels on the dashboard and doors

A safe is fitted between the seats, largeenough for several mobile phones or a wallet, with a cupholder on top of it. Thedash has been given a full set of period-correct Stewart Warner instrumentsincluding oil pressure, voltage, amperage, vacuum, time clock and a tachometer(rev counter). Behind the glove box is a new fuse box, with the latestcartridge fuses fitted, an improvement by the previous owner. The automatictransmission was rebuilt to be perfect, and the owner fit a very high-qualityrear air suspension with electric compressor, which gives an even smoother andfully adjustable ride. 

The emissions and control equipment has been removed,while the carburettor and electric ignition has been adjusted to give the bestand most economical performance. Catalytic converters have been removed and a customstainless steel exhaust system is fitted. The engine compartment features ahigh-performance 4-barrel carburetor, a new special radiator with polishedstainless steel overflow tank, a power steering cooler, a battery switch forstorage and a transparent coolant filter.

The car is in outstanding condition and isready to cruise anywhere thanks to a good maintain and intelligent changes. Abeautifully framed oil painting of the car, specially commissioned to show thecar in a Spanish setting, is included.

Résumé historique du modèle

The Chrysler Cordoba is perhaps one of the most iconic cars in history, yet you will rarely see them at a car show. Billed as “the newsmall Chrysler”, it was nearly a foot shorter than the full-size 71975 New Yorker Brougham, and nearly 650 pounds (295 kilos) lighter. The new Cordoba was a personal luxury coupe that emphasised opulence and a smooth, quiet ride,versus the raw speed and performance of the preceding ‘muscle car’ era. 

Cordoba was introduced in 1975, as a contender in the personal luxury market that was powered by smaller, more economical engines than other Chryslers, and riding on a 115 in (2.90 cms) wheelbase, 9 in (23cms) less than the traditional models at the time. This single body style coupe was one of Chrysler's few genuine hits of the 1970s. At a time when the automaker was teetering on bankruptcy, demand for Cordobas actually exceeded supply for its first couple of years, with production of over 150,000 units for the inaugural 1975 models, and the most built in 1977, with 183,000 units. Half of Chrysler division production during this period (and occasionally more) was composed of Cordobas, and they helped to revive the division. All Cordobas were built in Windsor, Ontario. 

Cordoba is best known as a city in Spain, but it is also the name of the Argentinian coin that became the car’s symbol. The Cordoba’s gold coin was liberally sprinkled over the design, serving as the hood ornament, fender badge. Either way, the implication was Hispanic, and this theme was carried out with somewhat baroque trim inside the vehicle, as well as by Chrysler famously using Mexican movie star Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island, Star Trek) as the car's advertising spokesman. Notable was his eloquent praise of its "soft Corinthian leather" interior and his Americanized stress on the second syllable of the car's name.

Exterior styling took cues from the Stutz Blackhawk and various Jaguar saloons (front end and headlights), Cadillac Eldorado (sidemarker lights), with graceful lines, and none of the over-chromed excesses of American cars of the past. Most of the chrome was in the bumpers and radiator grille, plus the tasteful chrome rings around the distinctive round headlights. The rest of the car was the classic long hood (bonnet) and short rear deck theme. The long doors (nearly 60 inches or 152 cms long) covered most of the cockpit length and gave excellent access to the rear seats. With the opera windows, just aft of the doors, and a choice of a sunroof or a full or half vinyl roof, the car looked much more expensive than it was. 

Interiors were somewhat more luxurious than the Dodge Charger SE and much more than the top-line standard intermediates (Plymouth Fury, Dodge Coronet) with a velour cloth notchback bench seat and folding armrest standard. Optionally available were bucket seats upholstered in Corinthian leather with a centre armrest and cushion. The carpets were 24-ounceshag, with additional carpeting on the bottoms of the doors, the backs of the front seats, and even inside the boot (trunk) and over the full-size sparewheel. The dashboard and door panels featured simulated burled elm trim and metal stampings in 1975, while 1976-79 models featured simulated rosewood trim.The instrumentation included oil pressure, temperature, alternator and fuel gauges plus an optional tachometer (fitted on our car). 

Underneath the body, front suspension was by torsion bars, rear by asymmetric leaf springs, giving a very comfortable ride with good handling. Brakes were power disc front with power rear drums. Standard motor was the 360 cubic inch (5900 cubic centimetres) V-8 backed by a three-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission. 

The model combined "just the right amount of amount of neoclassic styling with the prestige of the Chrysler nameplate." 


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